Edited by Troels Rasmussen and updated by Susan Fazakerley

Gordon Frank Fazakerley was born on the 11th of February 1937 in Widnes, Liverpool, England.
He died on the 22nd of May 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
In 1962 he married the Danish journalist Ulla Ragnhild Borchsenius and left England to live in Denmark.
They had two children, Susan born in 1963 and David in 1966.

Liverpool College of Art (Arthur Ballard) 1952-55
London School of Arts & Crafts (William Turnbull, Anton Ehrenzweig, Reyner Banham) 1955

Italy 1952
Sweden 1961
France 1965
Holland,Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, 1967-68
Germany 1985
Italy 1986
From 1994-2007 he annually went to London and revisited Liverpool in 2007

Young Contemporaries, London 1958
Arts d’extreme-occident, Musée de Verviers, Belgien 1965
1. Nordic Youth Biennale, Charlottenborg 1966
Portrait of a collector, Tårnby townhall 1969
Kirsten og Axel P. Nielsens collection Gentofte townhall and Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg 1975
Drakabygget, Charlottenborg 1982
Artist for peace, Charlottenborg 1983
Member of PRO since 1990. 1993 (retrospective exhibition)
Centre of the Universe. Liverpool and the Avantgarde. Tate Liverpool 2007

Separate exhibitions
Institute of Contemporary Art, London 1959
Galleri Gl. Strand, Copenhagen 1962 (with Ansgar Elde, Bjørn Rosendahl)
Galleri Westing, Odense 1963, 1965
American Art Galleri, Copenhagen 1965
Galleri Birkdam, Copenhagen 1965, 1968
Klippans Konstreservat, Göteborg 1966, 1968
Galleri Nyhavn 12, Copenhagen 1974
Tomelilla Konsthall 1974
Dronninglund Kunstcenter 1978
Galleri Krogen, Silkeborg 1978
Galleri Helliggejst, Copenhagen 1979, 1981
Galleri Klaus Lea, München 1985
Galleri Syd, Falster 1987
Galleri Wall Street Movement, Copenhagen 1988, 1989
Studio Panigati, Milano 1989
Galleri Caramel, Helsingborg 1992
Silkeborg Kunstmuseum 1999, 2005
Kolding Kunstforening 2010

Posthumous exhibitions
“Widnes” with the painter Martin Aagaard Hansen, Rønnebæksholm, 2017
“Edit Södergran-serien”, Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad, 2018
Gallerie Dragehøj with sculptor Steen Rasmussen, 2019
“The Manhattan Piano Canvas” by the composer Margin Alexander, featuring the oilpainting “The Garden in The Morning”, 2021

Main litterary work 
Drawings-Poems, Bauhaus Situationiste, Örkeljunga 1962
Notater om maleri, Hvedekorn 1, 1963, p. 10-13
Cras XXV, 1980, p. 26-33
Spektrum, Kbh. 1989
The Ferry Boat, Lund Art Press 1992
At stjæle kvanterim, Billedkunst nr. 4, 1993 p. 25-27

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Peter Shield: Narreskibet og Hamlet in: Billedkunst 8. no. 1, May 2000 p. 17-19
Drakabygget: A situationist utopia or meeting place for displaced persons. Gordon Fazakerley and Jacqueline de Jong in conversation with Jakob Jakobsen (2007) in: Expect Anything fear nothing. The Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere. Nebula og Autonomedia 2011 p. 114-128

Posthumous realeases and mentions
7 early oilpaintings featuring in “The Vigour of the BRUSH”, catalogue from Galerie Raf Van Severn, 2014
Three texts/poems/reflections in “Cosmonauts of the Future: Texts from the Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere”. Edited by Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen, 2015
“Messages from a painter’s brain”, The Poetry of Gordon Fazakerley, collected by Ulla Fazakerley, 2016